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~Neverland: Peter Pan Imagine~

Prompt from @abookthatendswithnolastpage: I just love Peter Pan so much!♥ I was thinking something like I could be Regina’s daughter and we don’t exactly have the closest relationship because she is so focused on revenge and stuff like that and so I meet Peter in the village and I decide that I like him a lot, but Regina forbids me from seeing him.. that doesn’t stop me from meeting up with him at night though and then a short time later he convinces me to go to Neverland with him? :)

[I changed one or two things but other than that I hope you like it! Thanks so much for requesting fellow Pangirl! :D]


“(Y/N), don’t bother me right now. I’ll be home after my meeting at the hall!” Your mother, Regina says as she sits at her desk in her office. You sigh and roll your eyes, “Mom, you always say that! Can’t you just let this ordeal with your sister go?!” Regina looks up and shoots you a look.

“If I don’t do something to get back at Zelena while she’s in Oz, then something may happen to Storybrooke should she ever return. Do you understand this?” You nod with a huff and turn on your heels and walk off. “Excuse me young lady, just where do you think you’re going?” Regina said looking at you from her seat. You turn and smile.

“To the little village just outside of town. Yes, I know it’s beyond the line of protection but don’t worry I’ll be just fine!” Before Regina could say another word you walked out of the house and made your way down to the village.

The dirt road between Storybrooke and the village was a peaceful walk that you always enjoyed. On a good day when you two weren’t fighting, Regina would offer you the carriage to use; but even if she had offered it today you would’ve chosen to walk anyways. The smell of the air was nice and sweet; rain was most definitely on its way. Even a storm was possible.

You soon found yourself wandering the little village filled with wonderful, caring people. A bunch of small children saw you and ran up to swarm you with hugs and words that they missed you. One of the smallest ones, a boy named Chris, tugged on your dress that was hidden some under your cloak.

“(Y/N)? May you read us a story?” You smile and nod, taking his hand as you lead the kids to a small stump where you’ve read them stories before. Requests were popping up from left, right, and center. One request though made you baffled, for you had never heard of it before.

“What about the Peter Pan story?!” A little girl asks. You raise an eyebrow and smile at her words, “Peter Pan? I don’t believe I’ve ever heard that story!” A voice from behind you took you from your thoughts.

“Surely you must’ve been told the story as a child, (Y/N).” You turn to see a very attractive boy your age standing there. He had soft, tousled brown hair that was hidden underneath a hood of a cloak that was a somewhat crimson color with gold detail. His gorgeous blue eyes seemed to shine straight into your soul as he looked dreamily at you.

“I’m afraid not… am I missing out?” You shyly ask the boy. He smiled, making you completely swoon on the inside at his handsomeness. “Of course you are. Here, if you don’t mind me taking your spot, I’d like to oblige to the little ones request.” You nod and stand up, allowing him to sit down.

“Neverland is where this story takes place. It is located at the second star to the right, and straight on till morning. In Neverland, children never grow up. They are free to do what they wish, just as long as they all follow their leader, Peter Pan. Now, Peter Pan is able to know which child to take to Neverland, for its only if they can hear the sounds of his soothing pipe which leads the children to him.” Soon, you find yourself listening so intensely to the handsome boy that you almost could swear that by how he tells the tale, it’s true; but there’s no way that could actually happen.

“Even though I say children, Peter Pan only allows boys on the island. Girls talk far too much and are far too much work, but sometimes he allows them to visit in their dreams and meet him at his camp in the heart of Neverland. The lost boys are his followers, willing to do what he asks at a heartbeat. Peter is able to use the most powerful of magic known to man! The best part about Neverland, is the fact that if you truly believe, you’re able to fly!”

“I WANNA FLY!” The little girl cries. The boy gives her a reassuring smile and picks her up, placing her on his lap. “You’re able to fly if you so wish!” The little girl giggled and hugged him tight, continuously asking him questions. After a little while the kids cleared off and you walked in front of the boy, raising your hand.

“Yes, the beautiful young lady in the front. What is your question?” You smile and sit down in front of him. “What’s your name?” The boy’s eyes widened a little as he hesitated to answer. “Peter.” He simply stated before standing up and walking off in a fast pace. You stand up and run after him, “Wait!” You call, making him stop in his tracks and turn around slowly. “Look, you can’t just walk off. How are you that amazing with kids?” Smiling at the irony, “Your name… it’s quite funny how you and this Peter Pan character are so alike!” Peter half smirks and looks away.

“Perhaps it’s no story.” He says, raising an eyebrow. You blush a little and look at the boy who grins and walks away, “Peter!” You call again. “Yes?” He calls back as he walks away. “Will I see you again?!” Peter stops and turns around, “In your dreams.” You narrow your eyes and begin to ask what he meant by that but by the time you turned to look at him again, Peter was out of sight.


“Did you have a good time at the village, (Y/N)?” Regina asked as you walked in the door. The smell of her casserole was roaming around the house as you entered, taking a seat at the table. “I did! I, um, I met someone…” You blush to yourself. Regina gives you a look and sits across from you.

“Oh? Tell me, what is his name?” She says smiling, slicing the casserole into smaller pieces.

“Peter. That’s all he said; but oh mom, you should’ve seen the way he spoke to all of the kids. It’s like they were entranced by him and his words, even I found myself listening so close to him. It’s like he…mom?” Regina just sat there and glared daggers at me.

“You are not to see this boy again, do you understand me?” You back up in your seat and give her a look. “Pardon me? Why?!” Regina stood up and threw her serviette on the table. “BECAUSE HE IS PETER PAN! HE’S DANGEROUS, (Y/N)! NEVER EVER SPEAK TO HIM AGAIN! I FORBID IT! PETER PAN IS A VERY HARMFUL BOY WHO TAKES KIDS WITH A SHADOW AND BRINGS THEM TO NEVERLAND!” You stand up and look at her like she’s crazy.

“HE’S PETER PAN? MOM! PETER IS… THERE’S NO WAY THAT STORY CAN BE REAL!” You yell back, “DID HE TELL THE STORY? EVERY DETAIL PITCH PERFECT?!” Regina hollers as you nod walking over and slapping your face.

“FOOLISH GIRL! GO TO YOUR ROOM! YOU ARE CONFINED THERE TONIGHT WITHOUT DINNER! GO!” Tears streaming down your face you run up to your room slam the door and throw yourself on your bed and sob into your pillow. “No… it can’t be true… he’s not dangerous…” You moan. After a little while of crying you sit up and stand on your balcony, looking into the night sky at the second star to the right of the moon.

“I wish I knew if it was all real…” You whisper. You look down and almost scream as you see Peter floating in mid-air before you. “H-how are you doing that?!” You ask him as he moves up onto the balcony and shuts your window.

“Your mother wasn’t lying when she said I am Peter Pan, (Y/N). Neverland is my home, a real place. The lost boys and the shadows are real too! The only difference is that when visitors come, they’re the ones in danger because the island really is a dangerous place. Well, and myself and the lost boys, we’re dangerous too… very dangerous.” You feel another tear slip from your eye as you look at Peter.

“You’re not dangerous, I won’t believe it.” Peter sighs and reaches into his cloak, pulling out a set of wooden pipes. “I want to try something.” He says while bringing the pipes to his lips. You don’t even want to hear another word as your turn and open your window, but stop as soon as your hear the hypnotizing sound of the pipes playing behind you. Peter stops and rests a hand on your shoulder.

“You can hear them (Y/N), can’t you?” Slowly, you nod and turn around. “You shouldn’t be here Peter. My mother forbids me from seeing you!” Peter shakes his head and begins glowing a slight green and flies over to the other side of your balcony.

“I can take you away from all of your pain… I can bring you to Neverland.” You frown and lean over the railing, looking once again into his eyes. “Mother would never let me leave, Peter. Besides, how did you know I have pain here and why would you take me? You said it yourself that only boys are allowed in Neverland.” Peter smiles a little and raises himself up to meet your face, his lips being inches away from yours.

“I know, because only ones who are lost can hear the pipe. You heard it. I want to help because you’re different, and nobody as special as you deserves to be in a place like this!” You blush to yourself as he gently wipes away a couple of tears. “You also mentioned that you can’t feel anything for someone…” Peter chuckled. “Well, I can’t; but as I said you’re different. Wonderfully different! I wish to take you with me, and you can be my lost Queen.” You smile and give him a look.

“YOUR lost Queen, oh King of Neverland?” Peter nodded as you lean in a little closer. “How can you be real?” Peter takes hold of your hand and smirks. “Hang on tight, love.” Your eyes widen, “What?” Suddenly you’re lifted up into the air with Peter as you wrap your arms around his neck as he holds you close, protectively. “Believe me now?” He says as he places you both to stand on your roof. “Yes…I do!” You look down and listen to the sounds of your mother yelling to herself about her sister, not even caring for you.

“I want to go with you, Peter. Forever.” Peter smiled as the moon shined down on him like an angel sent from heaven. “Promise me you’ll stay with me?” You nod. “I promise.” Gently, he leans in; pressing his soft lips to yours and wraps his arms around your waist as you wrap yours around his neck. You’re a little shocked at first, but you gladly return the kiss as Peter lifts you both up and you make your way to Neverland.

Pulling apart you look down at the view below you, and soon you find yourself in his camp in Neverland. “Wow…” you breathe, amazed at the sight. “I’ll make the lost boys set up a tree house for you, unless you’d rather stay with me.” Blushing a little, you nod. With a wave of his hand, Peter lights the fire pit in the middle of the camp and he smiles as he picks you up and spins you around before setting you back down.

“Thank you for rescuing me from my mother, Peter.” You smile up at him. “You’re more than welcome. In the morning, I will introduce you to the lost boys and I will have my second in command, Felix, teach you how to hunt.” You grin and hug him tight. “Okay!” You whisper excitedly. “Welcome to Neverland, (Y/N).” Peter whispers back against your lips before pulling you into another warm kiss. It was at this point, you definitely knew you’d made the right choice. Neverland was now your home, and Peter Pan was all yours.

And you were all his.


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I lost it at If I Were A Boy… then Breaking Free… then Forever Young.. and then it hit the Hogwarts theme and I died!!!! XD THIS VIDEO IS PERFECT!  parkercroftimagines batchesofwinchestersandfandoms not-so-basic-bitch1239 armedarcheologist

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