~My name's Gabrielle, I'm 16 years old, Christian and Canadian. I dance all types of Middle-Eastern dances and I play rugby :)~

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Just got a random anon talking smack about my love for Ghost Adventures.. lemme tell you a thing.. should I care? Pardon me for unconditionally loving a show. Like all of my best friends know, in our group each person has their ‘own’ fandoms. One of my friends has Doctor Who, another has Batman/Marvel/Disney/DC, another has Supernatural, another has Sherlock, I’ve got Ghost Adventures and Once Upon A Time. TELL ME HOW I’M WRONG TO LOVE A SHOW. Srsly. -_-

Am I wrong? not-so-bitchy-bitch1239armedarcheologistmade-a-deal-with-a-deanmonmckenzie2013